I offer lessons in a way that is cost effective and tailored to you. I insist on a prior meeting (at no cost) to determine your motivation and commitment. This is also useful for you to determine if I am to be suitable for you. I am located in Melbourne CBD. Please use the 'contact' link to initiate a meeting at a café in town.  

Lessons are $60 per hour

In my opinion, regular guitar lessons are not necessary these days when you can access everything you need to learn via the web, YouTube etc. You can absolutely use these resources to learn the guitar. And why not? It’s free, you don’t have to travel anywhere and you get the whole spectrum of tips, ideas and viewpoints. But remember there are advantages to consulting with an experienced guitar player/teacher.

  • You may find it motivating to have your progress checked.

  • Bad habits can be detected before they start to impede your progress.

  • Sourcing the web may leave you overloaded/overwhelmed with information.

 A teacher can help with all this and manage/ pace your learning more effectively.

Along with many other musicians, I’m self-taught. It's hardly consistent then that I insist on regular lessons (unless you do of course). I'm more inclined to recommend lessons strategically placed along the way. Cost effective for you. The teacher does play an important part in the process of learning but the dominant factor in your success is you. And the only real secret is that there is no secret. It’s determination, hard work and regular practice. Yep, like everything else.

Ask any guitar player and they'll tell you it's worth it. Good luck ....and always make time to just sit and have fun with the instrument.