Scroll down for a selection of my tunes. I hope you enjoy them. You may hear some odd noises (and notes!) now and then. It's all done at home with all the associated background house sounds. Sometimes I just keep them in the recording.

I also play in a band (mostly a duo) called Six Degrees. You can listen to some tunes here.

And below is a picture of the instruments I use ! The acoustic guitar and bass are handmade by me (mostly) at the famous Thomas Lloyd Guitars workshop at Montsalvat Atrists Colony, Eltham. Chris Wynne is the luthier and his guitars are known and respected throughout the world. There is also a Regal resonator, a Fender strat and a Washburn banjo which I also use for drums along with the 'brushes'.  


Thanks for listening.


A nifty little blues tune I created a couple years ago. Blue Bop features the fretless acoustic bass and a piano chirping in the background. I like it !

Yeah, everyone should play in 4/5 time at least once. After 5 - all instruments get a run here. named because of an early intrusion by our paper shredding machine. You won't have to listen too carefully.

Love the show but love the music more. Here's my acoustic attempt. Just a quickie !

That christmas album is comin’ …. probably 2024 at this stage.